About Us

Our Start:

SturdyBed started with a BANG!  The brand new headboard in the upstairs bedroom hit the wall so hard the wall shook.  What came next was a dream and a vision to manufacture a product that would stop a headboard from hitting and scratching the wall. 

With constant research and testing, over 30 different prototypes were created using 3D printing technology to create the easiest to install product possible.  A US utility patent was applied for and received, enabling the manufacturing process to begin. 

A sincere thank you and appreciation goes out to family, friends, college professors, manufacturing partners and customers.  With your advice and support, the SturdyBed dream is now a reality.

Our Mission:

SturdyBed provides for a better nights sleep by stabilizing your headboard to the wall with an easy to install, patented, quality product, and made in the USA.

Our Vision:

SturdyBed's vision is to grow with dedicated employees and local, made-in-the-USA products.  SturdyBed will provide quality employment and benefits for all business partners.

A portion of all sales will always go to help those affected by the devastating effects of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig disease and Alzheimer's disease.  Both of these diseases have affected our family and friends.  Donations will be made to help victims, families, caregivers and research for cures.  Our success will always go hand in hand with helping to make a better world.