Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spacers for?

Since there are many styles of headboards, we have included three spacers to make up the space between the back of the headboard to the wall.  For example, if the back of your headboard is even with the back of the legs of your headboard and you have standard baseboard trim, you will not need to use spacers.  If the legs are thicker and your headboard sets inside the legs, you will need to use spacer(s).  Refer to step #2 on your instructions or watch our installation video.

Does my headboard need to be attached to a frame that holds the box spring and mattress?

SturdyBed recommends that the headboard is attached to a frame.  This way your mattress and box spring will not slide away from your headboard, especially on non carpeted floors.  If you can attach your headboard to a frame, do so before you start installation.  If you cannot, SturdyBed will still hold your headboard near the wall.

What if I want to move my bed to another wall?

SturdyBed can easily be re-used…simply uninstall and reinstall where you want to relocate your bed.

Do I need a wood headboard?

Yes, you need a wood style headboard.  In order for the bed piece to attach to your headboard, you will need to install three ⅝ inch screws in to the back of your bed.  SturdyBed will not work on Iron or metal beds that do not allow the bed piece to be securely attached to your headboard.

Will SturdyBed still work if I change flooring?

With SturdyBed’s patented design, changing your flooring is not a problem.  Simply lift your headboard off the wall piece, replace the flooring and re-install.

How can I move the bed to clean?

With SturdyBed’s patented design, moving your bed to clean is not a problem.  Simply lift your headboard off the wall piece, clean and re-install.

Is SturdyBed hidden from view?

SturdyBed is designed to be completely hidden behind your headboard.

How do I know where to install the bed piece?

The most important and essential point is to install the bed piece on a flat and vertical area of your headboard.  Headboards with curved tops (sleigh beds) will naturally have the bed piece attached lower than a standard headboard. It is recommended you install the bed piece approximately four inches from the top of your headboard when possible. 

What if I have paneling on the wall behind my bed?

SturdyBed can easily be installed but you must find the stud nearest to the center of your headboard to install the wall piece.

How do I find the stud without a stud finder?

The stud is the wood framing that supports and is behind drywall.  An easy way to locate the wood stud behind drywall is to gently pound your hammer on the wall and listen for hollow sounds.  After a few gentle pounds on the wall (do not pound so hard that you damage the drywall), you will be able to hear a difference in sounds.  Studs are normally placed 16 inches from each other.   The most solid sound with your hammer will mean that you are just over a stud.  If you gently pound a nail (in an area that will be hidden behind your headboard) and it hits something hard after the nail goes through the drywall (normally ½ inch), you have successfully found the stud.  If the nail gets easy to pound after going through the drywall, we suggest you use the pound method again and try again to the side closer to the solid sound.  Refer to our video, “How to find the stud behind your bed”.

What if I don't have a stud behind the bed?

If you cannot locate a stud behind your bed, you can use a quality drywall anchor to support the wall piece. Follow the anchor directions and install as normal.