• "The brand new headboard I bought is tall, and even with a footboard, it squeaked.  Thanks to SturdyBed, now all is quiet" 
  • "Every time I got in bed with my daughter for bedtime stories, the headboard hit and scratched the wall. Thank you SturdyBed for solving my problem"
  • "I have a beautiful antique headboard but it is so heavy the frame cannot keep it from hitting the wall.  I tried SturdyBed and can sum up my appreciation in one word...FLAWLESS!"
  • "I had a pillow behind my headboard for years.  It looked like crap, was dusty and kept falling.  Since installing SturdyBed, the banging stopped AND the bed is straight up and down"
  • "I hated my footboard...I can't tell you how many times I crunched my toes when walking by.  Thanks SturdyBed...I'm now walking pain free"
  • "I wanted to stabilize my headboard and stop it from hitting the wall but was concerned that I could not easily clean under the bed (I'm a clean freak).  Your product makes it so easy to install and reinstall when I want"